Feeling Hot Hot Hot

My Parents enduring one of the hottest Spanish summers for a while!


forecastThis picture says it all about our first couple of weeks of our Summer cycle tour.

Spain has been in the grips of a heat wave. This part of Spain is often in the 40’s in July, but this year temperatures have soared into the mid to high 40’s.

route plan

We set off from Vejer de la Frontera on 9th July with a three month plan to wonder around Spain, then cross France, ending up in Chamonix in the French Alps in late September.

The map shows our projected route, with the red line being our first two weeks.

Early days were OK,  but by the time we reached Sevilla the heat had really kicked in. So cycling days were shorter, and Sylvia had to kick me out of bed for an early start. Generally we have coped with the temperatures, except for one hard day climbing the Sierra Morena.



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