Climbing Routes

Grepon: Mer-de-Glace (850m, D)

Kuffner Arete (700m, D)

The Kuffner

The Kuffner

Frendo Spur (1200m, D)


Midi-Plan Traverse (200m, AD)

lookng back along the Midi-Plan

lookng back along the Midi-Plan

Contamine- Mauzaud (350m, AD+)

The Contamine-Mazeaud

The Contamine-Mazeaud

Migot Spur (500m, AD+)

Papillions Arete (600m, D)

Cosmiques Arete (250m, AD)

Point Lachenal Traverse (100m, AD-)


Arête de Flèche Rousse (1150m, AD)

Rebuffat-Terray (550m, ED-)


Shit Route (100m, M5)


Mont Blanc Traverse (1400m, PD+)

Tour Ronde NF (350m, D-)

Pyramide du Tacul, East Ridge (250m, 5a, D-)

AlpineExposure 2013

AlpineExposure 2013

Entreves Traverse (400m, AD-)


Contamine-Grisolle (350m, AD)


Eugster Diagonal (1000m, D)

Picture 2

Chere Couloir (250m, D)

Mont Blanc, Gouter (PD-)

Gran Paradiso (PD)

Aig. du Tour, Table couloir ( AD-)

Aig. du Tour (PD)

Frision-Roche (200m, TD-, 6a)

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