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I am a 28 year old Climber and Skier from Wales. Being introduced to Alpine climbing in the summer of 2012 I have developed a passion for the Mountains especially those situated in the Mont Blanc massif. Learning to ski in January 2013 I have progressed into an avid ski-mountaineer with a serious aspect on ski touring and steep skiing. I am supported by Salomon

This blog aims to document my adventures in the mountains and give others an insight into skiing and climbing around Chamonix. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Contact – Joel@joelevanschamonix.com

About to drop Chevalier

About to drop Chevalier


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2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Joel
    I was googeling some couloirs in Chamonix when I saw a picture of the ENSA couloir, which I skied a few years ago, and this is how i found out about your website and pictures… i usually never, just NEVER write to someone I don’t know, but looking at all your amazing pictures (especially the Brenva spur ones) i felt like dropping you a little note, especially after I read (and i had to read this at least 3 times !) that you started skiing in 2013…
    I just couldn’t believe it…
    I spend most of my time skiing in Courchevel and the 3 valleys, but once in a while i do spend a few days in chamonix too… and my guide pointed out the Gervasuti couloir, telling me the tragic story about Anselme Baud’s son who died ascending the couloir (anselme baud is an elder, and most respected mountain guide that i met a few years ago, wrote a book about the chamonix couloirs, and was involved in the first couloir steep skiing when it all started in the seventies and eighties)
    So, when i realized you had been skiing the gervasuti, i truly felt a pang of admiration for you…
    You see, i’m from Brussels, and i’ve been skiing since I am 5 (and I’m over 40 now), and, after i marched to the North Pole on skis ( a 100 kilometer hike, in temperatures between – 25°C and -45°C) in 2006 and 2007, i decided i loved and needed to spend more time in the snow, and as i hadn’t been skiing for years, i hired a guide for the whole ski season and really learned everything about the mountain, and how to ski off-piste, being introduced ski touring and mountaineering.
    Why am I telling you all this ?
    Because after breaking my leg, and the year after an ankle, since 2 years , not having spent as much time on my skis, I sensed i was feeling a little less passionate about the mountain, as I understandibly lost confidence, but… seeing pictures like yours, has boosted my energy and my desire to get back on track and do some real nice stuff again and ski more couloirs as i used to…
    Nothing is impossible, and… you’ve not been skiing for many years, but with great intensity and passion, and probably too a big load of adrenaline, you’ve done amazing stuff…
    You are truly an example and a very inspiring person…
    Keep skiing and enjoying,
    All the best,

    • Dear Sylvie,

      Your message is also very inspiring…

      Thank you Joel for the blog and big respect for a so fast “passionation”!

      My first contact with the mountains was in 82 (my father is one of those red ffs “moniteurs”) and we have family in Chamonix… However I grew up in Bretagne! So far away from the mountains. But still the passion to get high and down never stops… and will never.
      Last season I started mountaineering and I got also a splitboard (yeah growing in Bretagne gave me more love for surf than ski) to finally discover the joy to get out of the comfort zone (I mean the lifts).

      Big up to all of you and will be pleased to meet you one day somewhere in the high twilight zone


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