Ski Lines

A list of my ski descents around Chamonix

Col de l’Aiguille Verte 5.4 E3 (right hand branch)

Camp to Camp Topo

Camp to Camp Topo

Brenva Spur 5.2 E3

Photo- Ros Hewitt

Photo- Ross Hewitt

Aiguillettes du Tacul: East Couloir 5.2 E3


Col du Plan, Aiguille du Midi NF 5.3 E4


Tour Ronde North Face 5.3 E3

Mont Blanc du Tacul South Face 5.4 E4

Photo - Tom Grant

Photo – Tom Grant

Rond – West Couloir, Aiguille du Midi 5.3 E3

West couloir 5.3 E3 ?

West couloir 5.3 E3 ?

Couloir Angelique 5.3 E3

Photo. Chamonix topo

Photo. Chamonix topo

Y Couloir, Aiguille d’Argentiere 5.2 E3 (solo)

Photo. L. Pandolfi

Photo. L. Pandolfi

Les Courtes NE Spur 5.3 E3

We skied from the circle

We skied from the circle


Barbey Couloir, Aiguille d’Argentiere 5.1 E2 (solo)


Mont Buet, Grand West Couloir 5.3 E3

buet grand west

Pointe D’Areu, West Couloir 5.1 E3

pointe d'areu

Capucin Couloir 5.1 E2


Grassi Marone Stratta Couloir, Petit Mont Blanc 5.3



Aiguille du Tacul, NW Sholder 4.3 E3


Mont Oreb North Couloir 5.2 E2

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 08.58.42


Mont Mallet West Couloir 5.2 E2

The line (Photo-

The line (Photo-

Cunningham Couloir 5.2 TD

The route in red

The route in red

Gervasutti Couloir 5.2 E2


Tricot NE Couloir 5.1



Col du Tour Noir, North Face 5.1 E2/ 5.2 E3

tour noire north face.JPG

(both lines skied over 2 days, Red is classic line, Yellow is variation, Cant find any info about it)

Dent du Geant South Face 5.1 E3

the line. Teton Gravity

the line. Teton Gravity

Col des Cristaux 5.1 E3


Cosmiques Couloir 5.1 E3


Encrenaz NE Couloir 5.2 E3


Glacier Rond 5.1 E3



Aiguille du Tour, Table Couloir 4.3 E2

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 09.02.07

Aiguille Noire North Face 5.2 E3


Photo Chamonix TOPO

Aiguille d’Entreve SE face 4.2 E2


Grand Lui, West Face 4.3 E2


Couloir Rectiligne 4.2 E3 / Couloir Poubelle 4.1 E3


Col des Nantillions 4.3



Cornes de Loriaz NNE Couloir 4.3 E3

Picture 3

Couloir E.N.S.A 4.1 E2



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